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Minutes of Deal LSRT Meeting - 3-2-06

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Administration: Melissa Kim
Parents: Mary Froning, Deborah Fox, Linda Feldmann, Sarah
Whitener, Alison Wylegala
Teachers: Guy Brandenburg, Cynthia Mostoller, Robert Geremia,
Sharon Purcell, Ginette Suarez
Student: Mamoudou Diallo
Guests: Jude Landis, Susan Ullman, Michael Hughes,
Marsha Blakeway

I. Approval of Minutes of 2-2-06
II. Principal Report: Budget for SY 06-07: There appear to be some
shortfalls, somewhat based on the fact that the cost of teachers
has gone up without concomitant increases in the budget for
personnel, which affects the total number of teachers that can be
funded. There are other issues as well. After the numbers are
reviewed, there may be a need for political action to avoid
downsizing staff and resources. Budgets are due downtown
by Friday, March 10.
III. Updates:
Modernization: While there are no guarantees, if the City Council
passes the school funding bill, it is likely that Deal will have its full
funding restored. Construction is expected to begin in January '07,
although there will be no disruption to the main building until Summer
of '07.
Technology: No new updates. Mary Froning will appear before
ANC3F to request funding for the cart part of the wireless mobile
cart option on 3/13. Support from parents at that meeting would be
IV. No-name calling project:
(1) Survey on 'school climate' was given to students. Highest scores
were received on "Our school is a good school" and "Teachers get
along with each other in our school." Additionally, a longer survey
on bullying and name calling was given to one section in each grade.
Survey results will be used to target areas for improvement to the
school environment. Ms. Kim was particularly interested in helping
students learn how to participate in reducing name calling and
bullying. This topic led to a lively discussion of ways to improve
the environment at Deal.
(2) The No Name Calling video was shown to 7th and 8th graders;
9th graders will see the week of March 6th. Students seemed very
interested. It is hoped that this can be used next year at the beginning
of the year to provoke thoughtful discussion about respect for one
another and set the tone for the year.
V. Superintendent's Master Education Plan (MEP):
(1) Deal is exploring the possibility of becoming an International
Baccalaureate, as per the Superintendent's MEP. Although teacher
training may begin as early as next year, the actual application process
to IB can be done only after two years.
(2) As expected, Deal will continue (as had been planned for 10 years)
to transition to a Middle School. The movement of the Deal 9th graders
to Wilson will occur in September of '07. At this time, the movement of
6th graders to Deal is expected to occur after the two years of
construction is completed.
VI. The task of developing the Local School Plan was divided into five
working groups. The general topics are reading, math, management,
communications, and attendance. The plan calls for three activities to
reach the goals for each area, but the groups are encouraged to come
up with as many as they can for Ms. Kim to choose from.

Submitted by Deborah Fox and Mary Froning

Mary L. Froning
Deal LSRT Parent Chair

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