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The Deal admistration would like you to know the new number for the attendance voice mail. Please use this voice mail box to leave mesages regarding attendance issues. If you need people to help you with your projects, assignments, or preparation, contact with a Do My Assignment request and use the other resources we've presented below.

The official website of DC Public Schools
DCPS Website  -

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Deal PTA List-Serv

By joining the Deal PTA List-serv, you will receive information on school-related events and activities. Most of the content will be provided
by Deal PTA officers, committee chairs, and school staff. All postings will go through the Deal PTA Listserv moderator. There will be no chat. With hundreds of members, we feel that this will be the most productive and effective use of this powerful information tool. We encourage all Deal families to sign up. To join, send an email to:
To quit, send an email to:

To contribute something to the list-serve email

If you have any problems, please contact the list-serv moderator at:

Other Local Schools

Woodrow Wilson Senior High Website See what is going on at Wilson High.

Janney School Website
Murch School Website



Update on school system issues:
Resources to help you "stay tuned" and informed If you are you looking for ways to support positive change in DC Public Schools? Check out the website of the School Modernization Campaign at the link above for information on ways to help!


DCPS Watch -
DCPS Watch is an on-line magazine that covers education issues and news about the District of Columbia Public Schools. In addition to articles and columns about DCPS, it features resources for parents, students, teachers, DCPS employees, and civic activists.

Parents United for DC Public Schools -
The mission of Parents United for the D.C. Public Schools is to empower parents and the community with information and advocacy skills to transform D.C. Public Schools to ensure educational success for all our children.

DCVoice -
DC VOICE is a collaborative of teachers, principals, parents/guardians, youth, systems level personnel, community-based organizations and other community members who are concerned about public education in the
District of Columbia. Our mission is to strengthen the public voice to both provide support to public schools and hold the appropriate agencies, systems, and the city accountable for higher achievement by our youth.

21st Century Fund -
To build the public will and capacity to improve urban public school facilities.

Council Persons and their Email Addresses

Deal Cheerleader's website:

Join the Wilson High School Listserve

Subject: list-serv instructions

1) Send a blank email to

(be sure to do this from the email account where you want to

receive notices from the Wilson PTSA)

2) You will receive an email asking you to confirm your request

to join the WilsonPTSAListserv

3) Follow the instructions -- and click on the provided link

4) The link will take you to a page that will offer you two ways

to join. The easiest option is at the bottom left corner and

says "As an alternative option, you may join the mailing list

instead." We recommend you choose this option -- it will be

easier. (The other requires you to set-up a free Yahoo log-in.)

If you have problems, you can contact the new listserv moderator,

Elissa Free at:


Important Deal Numbers



Homework Hotline:


Deal Has a United Way/CFC Number!

If your place of employment participates

in the Combined Federal
Campaign of the National Capital Area,

you can make a donation to Alice

Our donation code is 8049.

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