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September 2008
Check out these great photos courtesy of Mr. Jackson

Alice Deal Middle School Modernization Update
Prepared by: Heery International, Inc.
January 14, 2008

The interior renovation of the central building (west) is proceeding per schedule. Most of the wall and bulkhead framing is completed. The system rough-in is nearly completed and we will begin hanging drywall this week. There is still some demolition required for the new openings to the exterior (at each south central stair) and the new entrances into the light court. Most of this work is taking place at night to avoid disruption of school operations.

The gymnasium construction is perhaps the most noticeable change on the site. The slabs have been poured and 70% of the masonry walls have been erected. Installation of the structural steel (beams, joists and decking) will begin next week and the building should be completely enclosed soon by the end of February.

After completing the very time consuming task of relocating the school’s existing electrical service, the footings for the new cafeteria have been completed. Approximately 60% of the concrete walls have been installed and the remaining walls will be completed within the next week. Construction of the masonry walls began late last week and will continue for another 3-4 weeks until completed. The structural steel will commence on this portion of the building just as it is being completed on the gymnasium. After the building is enclosed, the main mechanical and plumbing systems will be installed. This includes the boilers, chillers, pumps, etc.

Heery and its subcontractors have been working Saturdays and will continue to do so in an effort to meet the first turnover date of March 21, 2008. In addition, some crews have been working extended hours during the week. The contingency plan mentioned in the last update is being developed into a full CPM schedule in the event that this initial completion date cannot be met.


Alice Deal Middle School Modernization Update

Prepared by:  Heery International, Inc.

December 3, 2007

The work taking place on the interior of the building (Area 3A) is well underway.  The demolition is nearly completed and new walls are being framed up on the second floor with the first and third floors to follow next week.  The footings for the new monumental stair in the west light court have been poured and the stairs will be installed late next month.  The new building systems (plumbing, electrical, sprinkler, etc.) have been installed throughout most of the 3A area.  One of the biggest challenges of this project has been the installation of new systems while maintaining service from the old systems without disrupting school operations.  Thus far, the issues have been minimal and service has been maintained throughout the building.

The masonry walls for the gymnasium are underway and should be completed in early January.  The ground floor slab for the gymnasium will be poured over the next two weeks and the north and south walls will then be erected. 

Many obstacles were encountered regarding the construction of the cafeteria and gymnasium.  The biggest of which was the existing underground electrical service which was located beneath the footprint of the new cafeteria.  A new electrical ductbank was constructed to re-route the electrical service around the new construction and still maintain electrical service to the rest of the building.  The switchover occurred last Tuesday night with no interruption to school services.  Accomplishing this milestone will allow the rest of the footings for the cafeteria to be constructed.

In spite of the delays, we are still anticipating completion of the gym, cafeteria and Area 3A by March of 2008.   To accomplish this task, portions of the work will be accelerated, including working Saturdays and possibly some Sundays.  A contingency plan is being developed in the event that this initial completion date cannot be met.  If necessary, the execution of the contingency plan will still allow the Phase II work to begin in March, 2008 as planned with minimal changes to school operations.