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For those families headed to Deal this fall -- a new required novel has been chosen for incoming 7th graders (the original selection, "Where the Red Fern Grows" was a required book for Lafayette 6th graders last year, so that selection needed to be replaced).

The new required novel for incoming 7th graders is: The Skin I'm In, by Sharon Flake. Don't forget to ask write my memo for me for a quality understanding of the book to analyze this piece of writing well and express your thoughts well.


Download the reading lists:


Seventh Grade Reading List (rtf)

Eight Grade Reading List (rtf)




May 23, 2007


Dear Deal Parents,


As we approach the end of the school year, I thought it would be helpful to review both some of our recent accomplishments as well as the opportunities and challenges I see ahead for our school. I remain committed to ensuring that we provide a quality education for all of our students, and I know that by continuing to work together we can make that happen.


Over the last two years, I believe we have accomplished some great things at Deal.  In particular, I am most proud of:

  • Our work with middle school teaming which has helped to create a more coherent and interconnected curriculum experience for our students.
  • The major steps we’ve taken in integrating technology into our work and teaching with laptops for every teacher, LCD projectors, and Smartboards.
  • The partnerships we have made community organizations like the Latin American Youth Center that provides tutoring and after school support for English language learners and the Carlos Rosario school that provides English language and school-navigation classes for parents who are new to this country.
  • The increase of diversity on all the teams to provide all students with heterogeneous learning environments.
  • The increased number of minority students who have been pushed to be included and to succeed in high level math courses.
  • The work of our special educators to champion the learning achievement of students with learning disabilities and bridge that achievement gap.
  • The work of our teachers and parents to involve even more parents in our school programming raising our PTA membership by over 50%.
  • The work of our families to support school initiatives by donating their time, talents, and funds bringing in the highest recorded PTA budget in Deal’s history.
  • The partnership we have begun with the Chinese Embassy to provide Mandarin instruction for Deal students.
  • Scheduling creatively to have a record number of students in  world language classes to better prepare them for college competition.
  • The raising of academic rigor with the beginning steps of implementing International Baccalaureate Middle Years programming (IB MYP).


As we look to the future, I know that we can continue to make our school even better. For me, nothing is more important than providing a high quality academic program for all of our students, in a learning environment that is both safe and supportive for all students.  I believe that closing the achievement gap, so that all of our students can succeed, is a central part of our mission.  I am committed to developing Deal as a community where everyone – students, teachers, administrators, staff and parents – are treated with respect; a community where we work together to bring out the best in all of us.  Those are the behaviors we should be modeling for our children, and that is the environment that will help them thrive.  When I joined the Deal community I instituted the phrase, “Think Globally.  Listen Compassionately.  Act Inclusively”.  Every step I take is to ensure a learning community where everyone is acting to model and achieve this vision.


I know there are challenges that we face. Middle school can be a difficult time for many children; they are growing more independent, and pushing boundaries. All middle schools face challenges in promoting appropriate behavior among students and in maintaining firm and fair discipline policies. Here at Deal, we have a team of 3 counselors, 3 administrative team members, 3 school security officers, 2 school resource officers who work together with me as a team to create the right kind of learning environment that all of our students need.


Deal is also one of the most racially diverse schools in the District. That is one of our greatest strengths and is one of reasons I love our school so much. In the months and years ahead, I want us to continue to address the issues of race head on. There are several things I believe we can and should be doing to continue to develop Deal as a community that respects and celebrates our diversity. These include:

  • Expanding the work we have started with our student council to further student-led discussion on topics of tolerance and diversity.
  • Furthering the work I’ve started with student pizza lunches and one-on-one interviews asking students to share their stories of their Deal experience in order to inform me of their perspectives and concerns.
  • Begin a series of conversations with families, teachers, and students about what we value in a diverse and thriving middle school and plot a path for attaining that goal.
  • Continue to out-reach to all families from all Wards so that their voice can continue to be integrated in school decisions.

Our next two years will also be a challenge as we live through the on-site modernization of our building. The good news is that the modernization is on schedule, crews will break ground next month, and when the work is completed, we will have a brand new, state-of-the-art facility for our students.


I am also encouraged by our collective commitment to developing Deal as a whole school International Baccalaureate program. Many schools offer such special programs only to a select few. For us, we are working to ensure that at all of our students will be able to participate in the rigorous and enriching IB program.  That inclusiveness is a central element of my vision for Deal.  I want Deal to be a school where all students can excel academically.  Our development into a whole school IB program is a cornerstone of that philosophy.


Finally, let me thank you for your support for our school. For any school to be successful, it must be a community where everyone makes a commitment to work together.  That is my commitment to you.  I know our school will continue to be even more successful in the future because our teachers, staff, administrators, parents and students demonstrate that commitment every day.


I wish you all a successful remainder of the school year, and a restful and productive summer.



Melissa M. Kim



Summer Bridge update - for 9th and 10th graders going to Wilson

At the May 9 Wilson PTSA meeting, 9th grade Academy Director Greg Bargeman gave the following report on the Summer Bridge program.

The Summer Bridge program, in its 3rd year at Wilson, is designed to focus on math and literacy skills, high school readiness, and helping new Wilson students feel comfortable in their new school. The program is designed for 9th graders but DCPS may open it up to 10th graders. The program runs for 6 weeks from June 25 - August 3. It meets Monday - Friday from 8:30 - 1:30, and breakfast and lunch are served. During the first week, math and English assessments will be given so that the students are appropriately challenged throughout the program. High scorers on the math test will be moved to higher level math classes. Plato software will be used during the program, and its material goes as high as the 2nd year of college. Teachers will come from the Wilson 9th grade faculty, faculty members of older grades at Wilson, and some teachers from other high schools.

Field trips will be offered on Fridays. One such field trip will be a visit to a local college.

Attendees can get paid @$5/hour but need to be 14 by @June 21 to qualify. They must apply to Employment Youth Services in order to be paid. Other students may use the Summer Bridge hours for Wilson community service.

Mr. Bargeman would like to receive applications by June 14 but will accept students right up to the start of the program. He understands that many families have travel plans during the summer, and will allow students to attend just part of the program.

Mr. Bargeman can be reached at




Next Year's Budget at the Top of the List for the LSRT

The LSRT is focussing its efforts to retain our robust educational programs and extracurricular offerings during our two years as a 7th and 8th grade school. We have asked Dr. Janey and our Regional Assistant Superintendent, Pat Tucker, for meetings to discuss our specific needs and priorities. Both have responded positively and meetings are being set up now. In addition, Dr. Janey and his administration are looking at this situation on a systemwide level, because there are 7 junior highs whose rising 9th graders will be moving to high schools this fall, in the conversion to middle schools (not all are undergoing renovation at the same time). Two solutions are being considered: an increase in the Weighted Student Formula, and a special subsidy for junior high schools. Support for junior highs/middle schools is also coming from the Gates Foundation. Deal is well represented in the systemwide effort: LSRT member Margot Berkey sits on the Weighted Student Formula Committee and co-chairs the Middle Schools Committee, which includes Ms. Kim, Alison Wylegala, Jude Landis and Sarah Whitener.

The PTA and LSRT are planning to hold progress meetings for parents throughout this spring. Our first meeting is scheduled for the evening of February 22nd.

Sarah Whitener


Download September Article in the Northwest Current


Friday, June 1, 2007 (202) 442-5450


The D.C. Board of Education has approved a construction contract to modernize Deal Junior High School, located at 3815 Fort Drive, NW. The $51.3 million contract with Heery International, Inc., for general construction services, includes renovation of the school’s historic main building and classroom wings, the demolition of a 1960’s west wing, and the new construction of a cafeteria and gymnasium, re-grading the soccer field and refurbishing the auditorium.

The modernized facility will accommodate 868 students in 171,000 square feet of space, and will be completed by August 2009.

“Deal is an outstanding academic school and with this modernization it will be a model school building for students, staff and parents,” said Clifford B. Janey, Superintendent of D.C. Public Schools.

During construction, which will take place from July 2007 through August 2009, enrollment at Deal will be approximately 550 seventh and eighth grade students. All ninth grade students will be moving to high schools this coming 2007-2008 school year. The current enrollment at Deal is 774. Students will occupy one area of the school during construction. At the completion of the modernization, sixth grade students will be transitioned from the feeder elementary schools to Deal increasing the enrollment to approximately 800 at that time.

The Master Facilities Plan recommended a full modernization of Deal Junior High School.

# # #
Audrey Williams
Public Affairs Officer
District of Columbia Public Schools
Office of Communications & Information






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