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Homework Hotline

Whatever help it is, academic or otherwise, contact first and don't worry about lack of time or inability to find enough information on any question. However, don't forget about The Homework Hotline is set up in two different categories: English and Spanish. The system will walk you through the process and ask you to press keys on the telephone in order to move about the system.

Each instructor has his or her own mailbox.  Within each mailbox are selections for particular courses that the instructor teaches.

How to Use the System:

To use the Homework Hotline, dial.  This will take you to the main menu of the system.

When you first dial the Hotline, the system will ask you to press “1” to hear the instructions in English, or “2” to hear the instruction s in Spanish.  Each instructor is listed twice in the directory – first in English, and second in Spanish. 

Once you make your selection, the system will take you through instructions to select an instructor.  If you do not know the instructor’s extension number, press “1” to enter the directory.  This directory is a spell by name directory.  The directory will ask you to dial the first three letters of the instructor’s last name by using the letters on the dial pad of you phone.  Once you have dialed the three letters, the system will announce the instructor’s name, followed by his/her extension number.  It will then announce that same instructor’s name in Spanish, with his/her Spanish extension number.  Once you hear the extension number, you may dial it at any time.  If you know the extension number that you need, you can dial it at any time.  You do not need to listen to the whole recording.

When you have dialed the extension number, the system will take you to that instructor’s personal mailbox. Within his/her mailbox, you will hear a list of course with dial codes after each course.  Select the appropriate course, and the system will give the homework assignment.

After you have listened to the assignment, the system will say, “If you would like to make another selection, press the pound (#) key.”  This will take you back to the main greeting of the system, which will allow you to enter another extension number.

Below, you will find a listing of all the Deal instructors and their extensions for assignments in both English and Spanish.

Dowload List of Deal Instructors and their Extensions

Download Instructions and list of teachers and extensions.



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Homework Hotline:


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