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MINUTES OF DEAL LSRT MEETING OF 11-10-05 Thanks to such meetings, you can acquire useful knowledge in a certain field, if you are concerned about whether you are attracting the right data or interpreting the information correctly, buy a book report online to be sure of the data.

Administration: Melissa Kim and Manuel Dacoba
Teachers: Sharon Purcell, Cynthia Mostoller, Ginette Suarez, and
Robert Geremia
Parents: Linda Feldmann, Deborah Fox, Mary Froning, Mary Giffin,
Sarah Whitener, and Jude Landis (guest)
Community Member: Mary Podesta

Meeting began at 3:40 p.m. and adjourned at 5:30 p.m.

I. Final minutes approved for 10-13-05 meeting

II. Principal's report outlined the upcoming activities
she would be involved with:
Superintendent's team review - 11-14-05
National Jr Honor Society Induction 11-15-05 Japanese delegation to
observe American school (week of 11-14-05) Deal Night (11-15-05)
Deal Open House and International Night (11-17-05) Visits to feeder
elementary school PTA's (to begin the first week of

III. Emergency Plan for Deal. While there exists a current
emergency plan, there was seen to be a need (with 11 new teachers)
for practice sessions, plus a de novo review to make sure the plan
is as effective as possible. A letter to parents will be going home
to explain the plan after the review is completed.

IV. Make-up of 7th grade teams: There was a question about how
students were assigned to 7th grade teams. Ms. Kim indicated that
the teams were assigned with a method that pre-dated her arrival at
Deal. However, she indicated that there was random assignment of
students to teams except for Math class placement. This
caused some divergence between the teams because of Algebra
placement in Team C. Next year, there will Algebra classes in more
than one team.

V. Diversity: There was a lively discussion of the multitude of
race/ethnic issues at Deal and ways they are currently being
addressed or could be further addressed in the future. While self-
segregation occurs at the social level, the LSRT teachers reported
that they assign students to seats and to groups in such a way as to
ensure diversity. It was discussed that these practices should be
encouraged for all teachers. Other ways of addressing the students'
experience of race/ethnic issues were also discussed. A plan will
be developed by the teachers/administration to address these issues.
Marsha Blakeway will be working with the Student Council next week
around issues of sensitivity

VI. Update of New-to-Deal students meetings: Ms. Suarez hosted 35
students at a meeting in which new students were invited to express
how their experience was going so far. They were surprised to see
that some of their classmates were also new; this led to some
bonding of the new students that had not occurred previously. Ms.
Suarez also explained Deal's norms and rules. Ms. Mostoller noted
an improvement in the comfort level of these students following the
meeting. A follow-up meeting is being contemplated.

VII. Update on attendance plan: Counselors now sit at tables in
the lobby to greet tardy students. Ms. Kim reported that many phone
calls and conferences have been held with regard to chronically
tardy students.

VIII. Update on Technology: All classrooms should have computer
capability by January, according to DCPS technology people. The PTA
will do a survey of computer capability in each classroom, as well
as explore whether a temporary fix can work to connect some
classrooms now.

IX. Update on facilities: Negotiations between the City Council
and the business community are taking place prior to any vote being
scheduled on a facilities upgrade budget. That budget, plus DCPS
priorities, will decide if the Deal modernization money that we lost
will be restored.

X. Flag placement: Discussion of the flag display, including the
etiquette of the placement of the American flag (all flags to its
left) and the basis for flag selection (flags are displayed only if
a student or staff member was born in that country).

XI. Update on Plan for Educating Potential Families about Deal:
Brochures are available to be distributed to potential Deal
families, both at Deal Night and Open House, as well as the PTA
meetings Ms. Kim will be attending.

XII. Report on bookroom project: Sarah Whitener reported that the
books are now back in the renovated bookroom. All surplus books
have been boxed up and await pick-up by DCPS. UPS donated 150 boxes
and tape for the project. The basement looks great!

XIII. Stoddert Soccer School Fair: Sarah Whitener attended the
fair. It was well-attended, with many private schools represented.
It was suggested that Deal attend next year.

XIV. New Business:

A. Sarah Whitener shared an idea Shaker Heights High School in
Cleveland. It involved a mentoring program that was run by high
school juniors/seniors for minority youth who are at risk.
Academic performance improved for the students involved. She has a
video which will be viewed by Ms. Kim to see if it is a program to
be implemented at Deal.

B. There was discussion of creating a more consistent positive
discipline atmosphere at Deal. There are several programs that
train whole schools to implement such an atmosphere. The plan is
for there to be presentations on such programs at the next LSRT

Next meeting will be held 12-8-05.

Submitted by Deborah Fox and Mary Froning

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