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Deal Junior High's Vision: Think Globally, Act Inclusively



Welcome to Deal Junior High School, where we're committed to nurturing global citizens and fostering an inclusive environment that enriches the lives of our students and the community. Our vision, "Think Globally, Act Inclusively," isn't just a tagline; it's a guiding principle that shapes our approach to education. In this article, we'll explore how this vision impacts various stakeholders—current and prospective students and their families, school staff and educators, school district officials and administrators, the local community and potential partners, and anyone interested in our mission and values. While our primary focus is on education, we understand that some individuals may also be interested in academic support services such as "buy essay" options.

For Current and Prospective Students and Their Families

Our Vision for Students: Deal Junior High's vision is centered on meeting the educational needs and aspirations of our students. We understand that a diverse, globally-aware education is essential for their future success. Our commitment includes: fostering a Global Perspective (our curriculum emphasizes international studies, cultural exchange, and global awareness), an Inclusive Environment (we create a welcoming space where students of all backgrounds feel valued and accepted), extracurricular Opportunities (we offer a wide range of clubs, activities, and programs that reinforce our vision).

Real Stories from Students and Parents: Meet Emily, a current student, and her parents. Emily has discovered her passion for international affairs at Deal Junior High. Her parents appreciate the inclusive environment, which has allowed Emily to thrive. "Our daughter is growing into a global thinker, and we couldn't be happier," they say.

For School Staff and Educators

Guiding Educators: Our vision isn't just a slogan—it's a compass for our educators. They are inspired to:

  • Innovate: Our staff employs creative teaching methods and strategies that encourage critical thinking and global awareness.
  • Professional Development: Deal Junior High invests in ongoing development to ensure our educators stay at the forefront of global education.
  • Inclusivity in Practice: Our staff actively promotes inclusivity and global thinking within the classroom.

Innovative Teaching Methods: Our teachers use modern tools and interactive technologies to engage students and inspire them to think globally. They encourage open dialogue and respect for different perspectives.

For School District Officials and Administrators

Our vision aligns harmoniously with district goals and educational policies. Deal Junior High has made remarkable progress, and we are proud of our achievements: our school consistently outperforms in measures of global awareness and inclusivity; we've encountered challenges in implementing our vision, but we've developed effective solutions; other schools within the district can benefit from our experience. Collaboration is key to expanding our vision.

For the Local Community and Potential Partners

Community Engagement: Deal Junior High extends its vision beyond the campus to benefit the local community. We are dedicated to:

  1. Service-Learning Projects: Our students actively participate in projects that address local issues with a global perspective.
  2. Local Business Partnerships: We encourage local businesses to support our vision and collaborate on educational initiatives.
  3. Inclusive Partnerships: We highlight partnerships and collaborative efforts that contribute to inclusivity and global awareness in the local community.

For Anyone Interested in the School's Mission and Values

Our core values and vision statement have a deep history and have evolved over time. The impact of our vision is visible through: Historical Context (we delve into the historical roots of our commitment to global awareness), Data and Achievements (our vision has transformed students and the community, as demonstrated by data and concrete achievements), getting Involved (for those interested, we provide ways to engage and support our mission, including volunteering and donation opportunities).


Deal Junior High's Vision: Think Globally, Act Inclusively is not just a concept; it's a way of life. We've seen it transform the lives of students, engage our educators, align with district goals, and resonate with the local community. This vision reflects our commitment to making the world a better, more inclusive place. We invite you to explore our website to learn more about our school's initiatives and how you can get involved.



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