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A more comprehensive list of all of Deal's Committee Chairs can be found in the About the Alice Deal PTA section.


Karen Coley, , 726-5170
Cecile Richards, , 364-5209

Book Fair (Politics and Prose)
Camille Martone, 362-7555

Gift Wrap
Summer isn't over, but you can start buying Sally Foster gift wrap and gourmet food right now. Click on the button to the right of this page that says "Sally Foster" to go directly to the site. to get a head start on the winter holidays (or to get supplies for those August birthdays). Deal's school number is . As always, Deal will get 50% of the profits!If you're not ready to buy, look for the in-school sale to start in September. You can preview the 2004 selection by going to the Sally Foster website directly through the link at the bottom right of the page.

Grocery and Credit Card Spending - You can donate a portion of the
money you have already spent to Deal!!!!

Sign up for the Giant Bonus Bucks program and the eScrip program which
includes Safeway as well as credit card expenditures at selected stores.

1. Click on to sign up for Giant and remember that Alice Deal's account number is 02423!!!
2. To sign up for eScrip click here and sign in for the group name "Alice Deal".

Magazine Sales

Although the annual Magazine Drive does not officially "kick off" until late February, magazines can be purchased and renewed anytime online by going to, clicking on "Parents" and registering under our school name and number . The school will receive 40% of what you pay for the magazines!! The downside to subscribing or renewing online is that your child will not receive prizes for the sales. So if it's prizes you (or your child) are after, please hold off on your magazine subscriptions until the fundraiser starts up in February. Any questions may be directed to Laurie O'Reilly, or 202-363-1293.

The phonathon is an annual event that raises a substantial amount of money or the Deal PTA. Last year, the phonathon raised $28,000. Proceeds help support the: teacher's grant program, academic programs, sports programs, spring musical, student newspaper, homework hotline...and more! Volunteers for the phonathon make only a small commitment of time (a couple of hours), but make a huge difference in the school's budget. Please consider volunteering for the phonathon in February. Call or e-mail: Amy Friend, (202) 244-9354; [email protected]
Amy Friend, , 244-9354 , Michael Zoeller, 244-2338,

Holiday Green Sale
Anne Morin, , 244-2734
Bob Wollam, Lory Yudin, 363-0989

School Spirit Sales
Kalie Grosvenor, , 265-3578

United Way CFC
The United Way code for Deal is 8049

Office Depot
gives 5% of what you purchase to Deal if you give them this code: 70020203

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Call School Attendance Clerk at
or 282-0107 ext. 1020 to report your child's absence.

Office Depot gives 5% to Deal if you give them this code: 70020203.

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