Engraving above front entrance of ADMSAlice Deal Middle School

Dr. Melissa Kim, Principal

Alice Deal Middle School inspires excellence, curiosity, and compassion through intellectual and social engagement.

Alice Deal Middle School has long had a reputation as a strong community school, a place where the next generation of leaders can develop in a caring, academically challenging environment. Today, Deal Middle School continues to build on its reputation while it grows to meet the needs of future students.

A number of changes in recent years have reaffirmed Deal’s commitment to its community. Now constituted as a 6th through 8th grade middle school, the 900 students at Deal Middle School enjoy the benefits of a newly renovated facility, with the latest in technology and classroom upgrades.  Recent authorization as an International Baccalaureate World School has brought significant change to Deal’s traditionally strong program. A new energy fills the staff, focused on creating a caring student community and maintaining high standards and expectations.

Academic success for all students remains a key priority at Deal Middle School. Teachers work as teams to manage small groups of students, providing a close connection to families and ensuring that all receive attention. The IB program has expanded the offerings of world languages and arts and music to all students, providing a richer, more developmentally appropriate array of courses. Deal Middle School has refocused its subjects and their curriculum development work around smaller groups of teachers, rather than a whole- school model. Innovations in grading, unit development, professional development, and use of data drive daily conversations and teacher commitment to improvement. One result: Deal Middle School is the highest performing public middle school in the District of Columbia.

The staff at Deal Middle School recognizes that academic growth develops best in a caring and exciting environment. Deal students can take advantage of many activities. After-school extracurriculars include almost every sport offered at the middle school level, with non-competitive sports such as fencing, Frisbee, and rugby rounding out the offerings. Clubs abound, supporting academic programs or student interests. Activity periods offered regularly supplement the after-school offerings—there is something (or two or three things) for everyone.

Deal Middle School takes seriously its role to educate the community’s children. Our traditions of success provide us with needed perspective, while our commitment to the commitment provides us with the drive to continue to improve.