Janney drawing

Janney Elementary School

4130 Albemarle Street, NW
Washington, DC 20016

MINUTES - LSRT Meeting - 5-4-06

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Administrator: Manuel Dacoba
Teachers: Cynthia Mostoller, Robert Geremia, Sharon Purcell, Michael
Hughes, Guy Brandenburg
Parents: Mary Froning, Sarah Whitener, Linda Feldmann, Deborah Fox
Community Member: Mary Podesta
Student: Mamoudou Diallo

I. Approval of Minutes of 3-30-06 Meeting

II. Principal's Report (Ms. Kim at a workshop)

III. Review of Local School Plan: Draft recommendations for
increased attendance presented by Mr. Geremia: Discussion of making
expectations and consequences clear with increased publicity,
motivational means for rewarding homerooms with best
attendance among teams on a monthly basis, increased morning
hall sweeps during homeroom with detention as a consequence.
Draft recommendations for Math Goals presented by Mr. Brandenburg.
Both goals will be finalized by next LSRT Meeting on 6/1/06.

IV. Updates:
A. Modernization: Construction will begin Jan. 2007. There
will be only 7th and 8th grades for two academics years ('07, '08).
Fall '09 will include Deal's first 6th grade.
B. Technology: Still waiting for Verizon (vendor for DCPS)
to arrive to provide the wireless capability for the classrooms. A
small committee is working out funding possibilities to
provide: (a) wireless mobile cart with laptops for use by students
for classroom-wide projects; (b) upgraded computers for all teachers
to allow them wireless Internet access; this will allow teachers to
input attendance data and to send/receive email communication.

V. Fundraising: Our community member, Mary Podesta, discussed
ongoing community fundraising (especially past alumni and parents).
In just a few days, she raised $2,300 for the wireless mobile cart
project. On an ongoing basis, there was a discussion of an annual
Deal newsletter which would go to previous Deal families and alumni
for future fundraising projects. Mary Podesta and Sharon Purcell
will work on this year's newsletter, which Mary had started, and
which will go out soon to computer needs described above (see IV).

VI. Welcoming DVD: Sarah Whitener will work with students to
develop a DVD to be given to new families as an introduction to Deal
and as a general marketing tool for Deal. It will include
images of regular Deal activities.

VII. Middle School Requirements - these were distributed to
members, with the note that they affect the high school graduation
requirements which will be voted on soon by the School Board, which
allowed for only a 30-day review by the public. The administrators
and teachers especially were encouraged to contact our School Board
Member, Victor Reinoso if they have any comments or concerns, as
soon as possible. One proposed new requirement (incoming 6th grade
class of 2008) is that all 8th graders complete Algebra I. There
was some concern in the group that a significant proportion of 8th
graders would not be ready in terms of the formation of abstract
thinking for this new requirement.

Next meeting with new LSRT on June 1, 2006 (teacher elections, 5/11;
parent elections, 5/18)

Submitted by Deborah Fox and Mary Froning.

Mary L. Froning
Deal LSRT Parent Chair