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Messages from DCPS

Procedures for school closings and delayed openings as result of inclement weather

The process is similar to that used in previous years, but please review the information carefully to refresh your understanding. When situations such as inclement weather require alteration of school schedules, we work closely with the various media outlets serving our community to keep you informed.

During these situations, it is important that you monitor one of the stations listed below. Decisions regarding changes with the start of school (i.e. delayed openings or complete closures) are given to radio and television stations to be broadcast beginning at 5:30 a.m. and at repeated intervals thereafter. As in the past, the decision made and announced will be one of the following:
Code Red: All schools and administrative offices are closed. Only essential personnel report to work.

Code Yellow: Schools are closed. Administrative offices are open.

Code Green: Schools open for students and teachers two hours late.
Administrative offices open on time.

Code Orange: Schools and administrative offices open two hours late.

Code Blue: Schools open on time and serve as “shelter-in-place” locations for
the student population. Administrative offices are open.

The media outlets we work with are the following:
AM Radio FM Radio Television Website
WMAL (630)

WOL (1450)

Radio America, Spanish (1540)

WTOP (1500)
WAMU (88.5)

WTOP (107.7)

WHUR (96.3)
Channels 4, 5,
7 and 9

Cable Channels
8, 16 and 28

In addition, we will attempt to make district-wide announcements using the district’s ConnectEd system informing households of any changes to the school schedule. Parents may also call the Public Information Services automated information phone line at (202) 442-5635 to obtain information regarding school closings or delays.

Early Dismissal
When weather conditions deteriorate after school has begun, it may become necessary to release students early. When early release is deemed necessary, students will be released either one or two hours early and the announcement will be made on the stations listed above. In the event that school is dismissed early, all after-school activities (including all athletics) will be cancelled.

When schools close early, every effort will be made to contact parents, guardians, childcare providers or other persons designated to receive your child. To that end, it is essential that your child’s school has the most updated contact information for you and any person authorized to pick up and/or receive your child. Parents of children at all grade levels must have procedures in place to ensure the safety of their children during these situations.

We will also attempt to make a district-wide announcement utilizing the ConnectEd system.

Delayed Openings
Delayed openings are designed to allow extra travel time for students, teachers and staff to arrive at school. Given that teachers and staff will also be delayed in getting to school, it is essential that parents do not send or bring students to school earlier than the designated late-start time. In these situations, there will be no staff available to provide the necessary supervision to any early-arriving students.

Private day care centers located in school facilities will follow the same procedures as the school in which they are located.

Special Education
All services for special education and alternative programs will observe the same time changes as regular education programs, making the necessary adjustments in schedules as required based on road safety assessments at both the students’ home and school locations. Transportation for students in special placement schools will be determined on an individual basis.

The Transportation Division has established a Parent Center that is staffed from 5:30AM to 7:30PM. Questions relating to transportation issues can be directed to the center at (202) 576-6171. Status of bus routes, pickup and delivery, and reports of inclement weather hazards can also be reported to the Parent Center.

If you have any questions about the Inclement Weather procedures for DCPS, please contact my office at (202) 442-5885, or visit the DCPS website at

If you have questions about any of the procedures described in this letter, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s principal. Thank you in advance for your cooperation as we work to ensure the safety of our students and staff.
Download this information in Spanish, French, Chinese, Amheric, or Vietnamese.