Skylight on stairwellThe Deal Approach

Deal’s instruction combines DCPS subject standards with the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) in a rich, engaging environment. To understand how Deal approaches instruction, it helps to have a better idea of how we organize our teaching.

Students at Deal take seven classes each year - mathematics, English, sciences, humanities, world language, arts, and physical education. These courses are generally one-year long (with the arts and physical education as advisory or semester courses). In addition, the MYP requires a distinct Technology course for Deal, which is provided in an integrated manner through the school year.

Each course shares DCPS subject standards as well as MYP aims and objectives. Students are assessed against both sets of measures. Taken together the standards and objectives provide an excellent and comprehensive set of learning goals for students.

Where a typical course in DCPS is contained within a single year, the MYP is structured as a multi-year course with interim and end-of-course objectives. Thus, in DCPS we might have World Geography in 6th grade, Ancient History in 7th grade, and US History in 8th grade, these are all included in a subject called “Humanities” for the MYP.