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December 1, 2008
"Think globally. Listen compassionately. Act inclusively."
Thought for the Week

"The smallest act of kindness is worth more than the grandest intention."

-- Oscar Wilde

Bell Schedule
Monday - Bell I
Tuesday - Bell I
Wednesday - Bell I (Buddy Day)
Thursday - Bell I
Friday - Bell I 

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Upcoming Activities!

Focus Walk -period 3

Mid-Advisory Progress Reports sent home
Picture make-up day

6th grade transition coffee chat #2 with Ms. Kim, 9-10 am, RM N101
Olympians and Ms. Mostoller's period 1 class on the DC Trolley Tour

"New to Deal" teachers and Department chairs workshop with Larry Bell at 3:30 in RM N101
Braveheart on the DC Trolley Tour
LSRT meeting, 7:30 am
Curriculum masters meeting

December 8th
Parent Teacher Conference day
(students not in school)
December 9th
Team Odyssey workshop with Larry Bell 
Boys/Girls Basketball Game vs  Jefferson at Jefferson, 3:30 pm
December 10th
High School Application Workshop with the counselors, 6:30 pm

December 11th
Winter Concert, 7 pm
Boys/Girls Basketball
Game vs Oyster-
Adams at (TBA),
3:30 pm

December 13th
Holiday Greens Sale

December 15th
Focus Walk - period 2

December 16th

Deal Open House #2
Girls/Boys Basketball Game vs Friendship at Deal, 3:30 pm 

December 18th
Focus Walk - period 6
Faculty meeting
Girls/Boys Basketball Game vs Francis at Francis, 3:30 pm

December 19th
Student Council Winter Assembly
Last day of school for students (Winter Holiday)
Curriculum masters meeting, 8:10 am

December 22nd & 23rd
Staff development for Deal teachers

January 5th
School resumes after Winter Break!
January 6th
Girls/Boys Basketball Game vs Hardy at Deal, 3:30 pm 

January 7th
6th grade transition coffee chat #3 with Ms. Kim, 9-10 am, RM N101

January 8th
Focus Walk - period 7
"New to Deal" Teachers Meeting at 3:30 pm
Girls/Boys Basketball Game vs Lincoln at Bell, 3:30 pm

January 9th

LSRT meeting, 7:30 am
Janaury 13th
Girls/Boys Basketball Game vs Takoma at Deal, 3:30 pm

January 14th & 15th

January 15th
Faculty meeting
Girls/Boys Basketball Game vs Jefferson at Deal, 3:30 pm

January 16th
End of 2nd Advisory
Martin Luther King, Jr., Assembly

January 19th
Martin Luther King, Jr., Holiday

January 20th
Inauguration Day - holiday

January 22nd
Student Council Awards Assembly
Girls/Boys Basketball Game vs Oyster-Adams at Deal, 3:30 pm

January 23rd
Record Keeping Day,
12:15 dismissal
Periods: 1, 2, 6, 4, 5
Janaury 26th
 Team Braveheart
Smithsonian Museum of American Art classroom visits,  re:  writing about art
January 29th
 field trip to Smithsonian to study 10 artworks
Girls/Boys Basketball Game vs Francis at Deal, 3:30 pm
January 30th
2nd Advisory report cards issued
February 3rd
Girls/ Boys Basketball Game vs Hardy at Hardy, 3:30 pm
February 5th
"New to Deal" Teachers Meeting, 3:30 pm
Girls/Boys Basketball Game vs Lincoln at Deal, 3:30 pm
February 9th
 Girls/Boys Basketball
Game vs Takoma at Takoma
February 19th
 NAEP-2009 for 8th graders
 April 3rd
Record Keeping Day,
12:15 dismissal
Periods: 1, 3, 7, 4, 5

May 26th
Reception at Smithsonian Museum of American Art for Team Braveheart art/writing stories books
International Baccalaureate MYP
IB Program Standard B1: "the school demonstrates ongoing commitment to, and provides support for, the program through appropriate administrative structures and systems, staffing and resources."

Successful IB schools need many resources - not just financial. Teachers,
counselors, administrators, the IB Coordinator, and the school community all play significant roles in the program.

Experience shows that IB programs prosper in schools in which there is a shared understanding of the expectations and goals of the program. This looks different from school to school, but always includes substantial time for teacher planning, professional development, and program development.
Message from Principal Kim
Principal Kim

Welcome back from Thanksgiving! 

Students are well into the 2nd advisory with all its potential challenges and opportunities.  Several holidays break up the flow of teaching and pacing and create great excitement for students. It is critical that students understand the role that these disruptions play in their academic success -- students must anticipate the problems of organizing homework and longer-range projects to keep being successful. 

The results from the second DC-BAS have shown that most students have grown in their achievement. There are still areas of concern which create spots for potential improvement and sweet gains, however, and much needs to be done before January's DC-BAS.

The teachers have been working diligently to schedule conferences with families for the 2nd advisory.  Please return your conference slips if you have not yet done so.

Principal Kim

Please keep this for reference this winter!!

In the event of inclement weather this winter, please be reminded of the following procedures for delayed openings,
for early school closure, and for closing school.
To find out what the local situation is:
Please watch the local TV stations
Listen to local radio stations
Watch DCPS cable channel 28
Visit the Internet at

DCPS uses the following codes:
Code RED: Schools and administrative offices are closed.
Code YELLOW: Schools are closed to students and teachers. Administrative offices are open on time.
Code GREEN: Schools are open for teachers and students two hours late, at 10:45 am.  Administrative offices open on time.
Code ORANGE: Schools and administrative offices open 2 hours late, at 10:45 am.
Code BLUE: Schools open on time.

Weekly News

  • Thanks to Stacey Milford, manager of ExxonMobil at 5030 Connecticut Ave NW, for awarding Deal M.S. a $500.00 ExxonMobil Educational Alliance grant! 
    Funded by the ExxonMobil Corporation, the ExxonMobil Educational Alliance program is designed to provide Exxon retailers with an opportunity to invest in the future of their communities through education grants to neighborhood schools.  We are thankful for the gift from our local gas station!!

Teacher Reminders

  • Please monitor the hallways and lockers during each transition time.  Also, please monitor the use of the new lockers so that they stay sticker-free for future students. 
  • Check in regularly with your Champion Ten to see where they are.  This could be a quick conversation after class or a chance discussion in the hall.  What is important in this conversation is that the student understands that you are a unique support for them. Teachers already provide a large number of specialized support programs for our students -- this unique contact should be seen as a complement to what we offer!  Thanks for making the additional effort!

Important Dates for 8th Grade Students and Parents

  • The School Without Walls Application is due Friday.
  • Our High School Application Process Information Session is December 10th at 6:30 pm

 Buddy Days Are Here Again!!

  • Oyster Bilingual E.S. -- Wednesday
    Shep.herd E.S. -- December 9th
    Horace Mann E.S. -- December 10th

"Together We Learn Better: Inclusive Schools Benefit All Children"

  • This week, DCPS Celebrates Inclusive Schools Week.  Deal staff will focus on the advantages of providing a quality education for all students.  You will hear, read, and learn of the commitment Deal makes to offer all students opportunities and support that will allow them to become self-determined, productive, and socially- involved citizens.

7th Grade Olympians Meet with Larry Bell

  • Larry Bell will meet with 7th grade Olympians on Wednesday.  A list of these students will be placed in your mailboxes early this week. 

8th Grade Olympians Take Trolley Tour

  • 8th Grade Olympians will be out of the building on Wednesday for the "We The People" Trolley Tour.  A list of these students will be placed in your mailbox early this week.
DC Trolley Tours of the City
  • Two eighth grade teams tour DC this week to learn more about the three branches of the US Government. Teachers are asked to excuse students from class on Wednesday and Thursday. The schedule is:
    • Wednesday: Team Olympians & one section of Team Braveheart.
    • Thursday: Three sections of Team Braveheart.
Students will be called to the entryway at 9 am for departure and will return to school at 3 pm. Please wait for an announcement from the office. Thanks!

Deal Hosts Student Energy Audit Training
  • As part of our initiative to Go Green, Deal will be training approximately 20 students as Energy Auditors.  These students will miss classes on Monday as they learn how to assess our use of energy and make recommendations for making us more efficient.  A list of these students will be placed in your mailboxes.  Please see Mr. Koplowitz or Ms. Lerum with questions.
  • MathCounts will practice on Monday and Wednesday from 3:25 to 4:45 pm, in RM103. Note the room change.

New Locker Expectations

  • This is a reminder to all students to take good care of our new lockers.  Students should take care not to have any stickers, tape, etc. posted on them.  If the locker jams, please do not kick it.  Instead, please call for assistance from a teacher or staff member.  Let's keep our lockers in great shape for future generations of Deal students! 

Make-Up Pictures

  • On Tuesday, Blanton Studios will be taking make-up pictures in the gym.  Only the following students should take make-ups:

+ Students who were absent on the initial portrait day.

+ Students who did not purchase packages on the initial portrait day.

+ Students who want to have their portraits retaken. (Students must return original portrait envelopes with all portraits enclosed.)

Any student fitting these criteria should pick up a portrait brochure from the main office prior to portrait day.

Deal Geographic Bee to Be Rescheduled

  • Due to a clerical error, Deal did not receive the materials from National Geographic Society in time to hold the school Bee competition this Friday.  The Bee will be held at a later date, and Friday's Bee assembly is canceled.

National History Day Tutoring Starts Today

  • Seventh or eighth grade students who would like some assistance with their National History Day projects may stop by RM 253 to work with Ms. Mostoller on Monday afternoons from 3:25-4 pm.  Bring your questions and ideas with you.  Just be sure your parents know you are staying, so they don't worry about you.  She can help you with your bibliographies, exhibits, story boards, and papers.

National History Day at the Archives:  Saturday

  • This Saturday is the second -- and last -- opportunity for Deal students to earn extra credit points and learn more about history research at the National Archives.  Make your reservation at [email protected]  The workshops are one hour in length and are designed to introduce students to primary source research.  All participating students must be accompanied by an adult with a photo identification.

Capital City Jazz Project

The dates for the remaining workshops are Wednesday, Jan. 13 & 27, and Feb. 12 (the rest of the dates will be determined and posted). There will be two workshops on each day, the first during 5th period and the second during 6th. Students have been instructed to get their work completed early. Teachers, please keep the list of students that was placed in your mailbox for all Jazz Project-related events.

Next Cleveland Deposit Due December 11th
  • Students who are traveling with the Department of Music, please be advised that the next deposit in the amount of $100 is due on December 11th.  Please note that some students are past due on the November 6th deposit.

Music Dress Rehearsals

  • The Music Department will be holding dress rehearsals on December 11th.  The Concert and Show choirs will rehearse during 1st and 2nd periods and the instrumental students will rehearse during 6th and 7th periods.  A list of participating students will be provided for all teachers.
Deal PTA Green Sale
  • The holiday season has arrived already!  If you celebrate by decorating trees or hanging wreaths or garlands, please purchase them at the Deal Green Sale.  The dedicated PTA volunteers will be selling these fresh green items for the next two weekends outside the school.  Please come and help them sell or help by making a purchase!
    • Saturday & Sunday, 9 am - 5 pm
    • Saturday & Sunday, Dec. 13-14, 9 am - 5 pm
  • The next general membership meeting of the Deal chapter of the Washington Teachers' Union will be on Thursday afternoon, starting at about 3:35 pm. The location is TBA.

Deal 6th Grade Transition Team Meeting

  •  Members of the Deal 6th Grade Transition team will meet on Monday, December 8th, at 11 am in RM N101.
Lost & FOUND Textbooks
  • The following students can recover their "lost" textbooks in Mrs. Streeter's office:
Aimee-Nicole Allen - History
Diona Boler - Science
Dayquan Davis - History and Science (Interactions)
Vanessa Flores - French
Adriahna Foster - Spanish
Aisha Gardner - Chinese
Karen Herrera - History
Cleo Hines - Literature
Michael Kusnet - Science (Interactions)
Marvin Mata - Spanish
Temple Melchizedek - Literature
Kali Murphy - Literature
Marvin Price - Science
Jose Reyes - Science

Please take better care of your books -- they are critical resources for our learning community!


Before & After School Activities This Week ...
 Monday AM
  • Concert Band, 7:45 am
  • Ms. Stanley's Reading Group, 7 - 8:30 am
  • Small Choral Ensemble, 8 am

Monday PM

  • Indoor Track Practice, 3 - 5 pm
  • Debate team, 3:20 - 4:30 pm
  • Rugby, 3:30 - 5 pm
  • Girls' Soccer practice
  • Yoga, 3:30-4:30 pm, RM G3
  • Ms. Stanley's Reading Group, 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Cheerleading practice, 3:30 - 5 pm 
  • Boys/Girls' Basketball practice, 3:30 - 5 pm
  • Student Council officers meeting,  3:20 - 4 pm, RM 207
  • Tutoring with Ms. Mason, 3:30 - 4:30 pm, RM 211
  • Science tutoring with Ms. Hampton, 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • LAYC tutoring, 3:30 - 5:30 pm
  • MathCounts, 3:25 - 4:45 pm, RM 105
  • Tutoring with Ms. Brown & Ms. Bruce, 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • Jazz Combo - Mon & Thurs, 3:30 pm- 4:30 pm

Tuesday AM

  • Jazz Band, 7:45 am
  • Concert Choir, 7:45 am
  • Ms. Stanley's Reading Group, 7-8:30 am
Tuesday PM
  • Student Government meeting, 3:20 pm, RM 207
  • Indoor Track Practice, 3 - 5 pm
  • Human Rights Club meeting, 3:15 pm, RM N101
  • Ms. Stanley's Reading Group, 3:30 -4:30 pm
  • Drumline, 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • International Cooking Club, 3:15 - 4:30 pm
  • Art Club, 3:20-4:20 pm, Ms. Washington's classroom
  • Boys/Girls' Basketball practice
  • LAYC tutoring, 3:30 - 5:30 pm
Wednesday AM
  • Concert Band, 7:45 am
  • Small Choral Ensemble, 8 am
  • Ms. Stanley's Reading Group, 7 - 8:30 am
  • Concert Choir, 7:45 am

Wednesday PM

  • LAYC tutoring, 3:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Boys/Girls' Basketball practice, 3:30 - 5 pm
  • Cheerleading Practice
  • Show Choir, 3:30 pm - 4:15 pm

Thursday AM

  • Ms. Stanley's Reading Group, 7 - 8:30 am
  • Jazz Band, 7:45 am
  • Concert Choir, 7:45 am

Thursday PM

  • Fencing Club, 3:20 - 5 pm, RM 215
  • Rugby, 3:30 - 5 pm
  • Ms. Stanley's Reading Group, 3:30 - 4:30 pm
  • LAYC tutoring, 3:30 - 5:30 pm
  • Jazz Combo - Mon & Thurs 3:30 pm- 4:30 pm
  • Boys/Girls Basketball Practice
  • Indoor Track Practice, 3 - 5 pm

Friday AM

  • Rock Choir, 8 am
  • Flute and Clarinet Ensembles - Fri. 8 am

Friday PM

  • Field Games with Mr. Brecher
  • Tutoring with Ms. Brown & Ms. Bruce, 3:30 - 4:30pm
  • Boys/Girls Basketball Practice  

As always, students should only be at school with parent permission!
Food for thought...

TIPS: Helping your young adolescent be responsible

1. Model the responsibility you want to see. If you want your young adolescent to do the chores you assign, it often helps to work alongside your youngster so she sees what you expect. Not only is the modeling important, but you both have more fun doing it this way.

2. Make choices. You can't do it all and neither can your 12-year-old. While he would like to take the lead in the play, go to all soccer practices and games, and participate in the spelling bee, sometimes that just isn't possible. Learning to weigh options, recognize consequences, and plan ahead before making choices is what responsibility is all about.

3. Think ahead. We don't do our kids any favors when we bail them out of situations they have responsibility for. Parents who run to school every day to deliver forgotten items - lunch, backpack, sneakers, or their flute - don't help teach them to plan ahead and be responsible for their belongings. Young adolescents need to be shown how to plan ahead - and then allowed to deal with the consequences of doing so, or not.

4. Of course, it is a process. Don't forget that the most critical aspect of developing responsibility for a young adolescent is that it is a process and not an event. It takes time. Sometimes they will be more responsible than others, so parents need to remember to be consistent and positive when irresponsibility is evident. No hammering, no lectures. Instead, simply explain what happened and why, and the result of an irresponsible choice. And most importantly, how will you avoid this problem in the future?

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