Skylight on stairwellAcademics

The desire to support student academic success, both in middle school and in the world beyond, drives what and how we teach here at Deal. Teachers set high expectations for students and work to ensure that all have the necessary opportunities to be successful. Students apply themselves enthusiastically and diligently to the challenges set before them. Working in conjunction, and with the strong support of the parent community, teachers and students have maintained a tradition of high achievement here at Alice Deal.

There are two central components to the academic program at Deal. The content of instruction is set by the District of Columbia Public School through subject and grade-level standards. The Middle Years Program, authorized by the International Baccalaureate (IB), provides the instructional practices that bring the standards to life.

In this section you will information about the Deal instructional program - how it is structured, what is taught in different subjects and grades, and how it all comes together.